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A Night Out, and Morning After in Athens, Ga with hairstylist Caitlyn Riesinger.

I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people who only want to see you succeed in life. At this point in my career and for this concept, it was important for me to use my friends for what I set out to accomplish for an authentic feel. The concept of my shoot is Night Out/Morning After. 

When it comes to my work, I am always open to collaboration. If you’re open to it, I encourage a creative push outside of your comfort zone, whether it be subtle or drastic. We are always growing and changing as people, and changing how we look can reflect that, even facilitate it. It’s exciting for me to be in this position during such an expressive time, when trends from all decades are in (even early 2000s) and style is becoming increasingly fluid.



JACKSON- Morning

When I met Jackson, his hair was previously half bleached, half new growth. I talked him into letting me take him to a full silver-grey. For the cut, we’ve gone from one length below the shoulders to a cropped, razored bob. Since he has coarse, thick hair, I added layers to help it lay better and curtain bangs for a little pizzazz in the front. 
Styled with Milk and Rake by Reverie

KELLY- Morning

Kelly started off with short, naturally dark hair. I used my razor to round out the back to the shape of the head, parting down the middle to really emphasize the bowl shape I’ve desperately wanted to give someone since I first began my apprenticeship. Since I’ve been reunited with my obsession with the color orange lately (and Kelly gave me free reign), I choose to muddy the brightness of the orange into more of a rust, giving a natural feel to the illumination. To add lots of dimension, I shadowed in a deep copper from the root into some strips of her hair, alternating with gold and the muddy orange color.
Styled with Style by Cult & King and Rake by Reverie. 


Sam has had bleached hair for years at this point. She prefers a cool toned blonde, but other than that has been open to letting me experiment with different techniques. For this look, I did a full set of highlights to really brighten up the overall look, and brought extra focus to the front (money pieces, as they say). The slight chunkiness with the color variation and spacing between the highlights and natural hair brings together a really 90s look that I will forever love. For the cut, I incorporated soft layers and face framing to remove weight, making it more ideal for styling waves which is her preference for a regular day. 
Styled with Tonik and Setspray by Cult & King, Milk by Reverie, and Powder by Hairstory.


Tyler has never colored his hair before, so I felt honored to be entrusted with his long mane. His naturally wavy/curly texture is perfect for this beachy look. We wanted him to look like he’s been at the beach all year, and I would say we succeeded. Easing Tyler into switching up his previous long one-length cut, I gave his ends quite the chop and added soft layers and face framing to emphasize his curl pattern. 
Styled with Tonik and Jelly by Cult & King and Mare by Reverie.

The Night Out/Morning After concept is all about sporting a style that feels unique to you while also showcasing the potential for an effortless look that can translate until your next wash.

  Models: Jackson, Kelly, Sam, and Tyler.
Photographers: Denise Gorrio and Gabriel Nasca. 
Hair and Styling: Caitlyn Riesinger

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  • Lindsay Tabor
    Posted June 14, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    Gorgeous, creative, and totally you. Great job with this project, Caitlyn!!

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