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Caitlyn Riesinger

Caitlyn Riesinger hairstylist

   Caitlyn (they/she) loves to experiment. As a painter and an art freak, she draws inspiration as much from emerging streetstyle haircuts as she does autumn leaves and video games. For them, all forms of creative expression nurture each other. 

    Caitlyn’s goofy sense of humor and frankness regarding social anxiety allow her to meet folks in their comfort zone. An innately introverted person who also loves the joy that comes from collaboration, they are just as thrilled to vibe quietly to the music together as they are to chat about hair, movies or the show they went to last night.. 

  Caitlyn completed her apprenticeship with Washington Square in 2021, and is looking forward to a Spring full of new experiences in the studio. They believe anything that feels like your style is a good style. Caitlyn loves to work with other queer people, folks who are excited about taking chances, and anyone who is caring.