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About Washington Square

Welcome to the best salon in athens ga

Washington Square Studio is a collaboration among people who love hair, learning and each other.


Like us, hair grows. Which means it provides a constant opportunity to experiment, explore or simply affirm how you already know you like to look. Every appointment is a conversation, and the first thing we do is sit down face-to-face. Your comfort is important to us, and we won’t start touching your hair until we have sat down and started a relationship. Together, we will match your outer presentation with your inner dreams.


When Allie and Shayne opened the salon in 2017, they intentionally chose an intimate space so that we would expand with intention. When it was time to grow, we knew we didn’t want to send employees to hair school. We wanted to be hair school. Each apprentice learns with us for three years. As a teaching salon, we are constantly investigating why we do what we do. We are also in a consistent practice of listening to new ideas, which helps us refine our skills in listening to you.

Our stylists are not ships passing in the night, nor are we competitors. We are friends, partners in learning, and co-conspirators in caring for our communities. Together, we have created a culture that takes your joy seriously, and a world where the way you want to look is possible.

Welcome, y’all.