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Shayne McBride

Shayne McBride hair stylist

   Shayne believes all hair is good hair, and iconic style emerges from the space between what your hair naturally wants to do and your inclination to experiment. 

   As the childhood recipient of a muffin-shaped perm, Shayne is intimately acquainted with the harrowing experience of coercive styling. That’s why she and Washington Square co-owner Allie have nurtured a studio culture rooted in listening and play. “The only expectation here is that you show up as your authentic self. The invitation isn’t for anyone else.” she explains.

   Shayne feels honored to participate in a timeless trade rooted in joyous connection. “We laugh all day everyday. Even when things are heavy, it’s also two steps away from being hilarious.” She loves leaving the studio with a phone note full of the music recommendations, weird cultural rabbit-holes and special moments that emerged throughout the day.

   Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, conspiring with clients to care for and express themselves has Shayne feeling deep gratitude. A true Gemini, the frustrated comic in her loves the improvisational tinkering of trying new things together.

   Shayne believes that small edits can radically shift how your hair frames your face, and she is as excited about precise adjustments as she is big changes. Insatiably curious, she is constantly learning and sharing her skills with others. She views this as a collaboratively-reinforced cycle, because being a part of her community’s joy feeds her passion for trying new techniques. “I’m here for good hair, and a good time,” she says. And that’s all there is to it.