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Olive Kirkpatrick

   Olive (she/her) has always loved the push-and-pull of what is beautiful and what is functional. A lifelong lover of craft, her fiber arts background informs her intuition for exaggerating what hair naturally wants to do. She loves how her craft connects her to community in a light-hearted, exploratory context. 

   Olive loves sparkle-in-the-sun dimension and softly contrasting tones. With over a decade’s experience as a stylist, these days she is enjoying the return of the big, bouncy 90s and 00’s blowouts on which she cut her teeth. Olive loves working with anyone seeking a soft, natural look, women sailing into their 60s, and people breaking gender norms in expression.

   Olive’s grounded nature, passion for beauty and investment in others’ joy creates an easeful and relaxing experience. Outside of the studio, she practices knitting, trades Earth Skills with other Athenians, and builds fires for folks to encircle in joyous conversation.