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Allie Miller

Allie Miller hairstylist

   Allie (she/her) loves people, and she loves stories. As both a stylist and studio director, she sews curiosity and courtesy into the fabric of Washington Square. 

    Allie believes magic emerges when we have space to pause, especially when our splendor is mirrored back to us in that time. “I don’t let people talk badly about themselves in my chair,” she explains. It’s not that she is an advocate for toxic positivity, either. Heartache happens. And when it happens to her clients, Allie lends out her own certainty that they’re special, and cool, and they’re going to walk out of the studio glowing. 

  As a stylist, Allie gravitates towards cuts that move with you. She loves working with waves or curls and describes her styling impulses as textured, lived-in, and romantic. She particularly welcomes requests based on how you want to feel and reference photos of hair you like. Allie can help you figure out how an exciting departure can work with your face, texture and lifestyle. 

   As the studio director, Allie knows that how we treat each other interpersonally ripples out into the ecosystem around us. She is deeply dedicated to cultivating a safe and engaging environment. Besides training apprentices and emerging stylists to collaborate with clients effectively, she also organizes their educational programming. The whole studio travels to learn new techniques throughout the year, and monthly in-person classes are a requirement. “I never want what we do to stop being relevant to the people around us,” she explains, “There’s always more to try.”

   Her commitment to experimentation extends beyond hair. Allie and the studio are in a practice of partnering with neighbors who are building a more liberatory future. “We want to be of service to the community,” she explains. Specifically, Washington Square seeks to support people doing grassroots work on the ground. If the studio can facilitate your efforts to build a more beautiful world, get in touch with Allie.

  Outside of the studio, Allie loves reading, gardening, cooking, parenting her kids Margot and Linus and exploring with her partner Nick.