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Meet Meredith!

Meet Meredith!

Her first day at Washington Square is coming up, Wednesday September 6th!
   Meredith (she/her) is our newest hairstylist to join the WaSquad. Over the last six years, Meredith has earned a reputation as the go-to for high maintenance vivid color in Athens. She is as versatile as she is skilled. Meredith’s other claim to fame is natural, blended highlights that allow you to stretch your color visits from 4-6 weeks to 10-12 weeks, what a dream! One of Meredith’s specialties is working with thin, fine hair, as she herself is a card-carrying member of that club. She understands the unique challenges and knows all the styling hacks.

    Meredith wants everyone to fall in love with their hair, and also understand what makes it great. So if you are in your Lisa Frank era, or your “who me, color my hair? No, I’ve been on a boat in the Mediterranean” era. She’s here for you. 

What will we talk about in your chair?  

          Bravo, astrology, my dad- Bruce & the family,  sports and the “joys” & how to’s of child rearing.


Astrological Sign? 

      Aquarius (sun), Libra (moon), Pisces (rising).


Introvert or Extrovert?

Extrovert socially, introvert privately.


How do you want people to feel when they walk out of the salon?

“I want people to feel like they understand their hair’s potential, and they have, or can reach it. (Also, everyone’s couch deserves to see the best you, at least once!)”

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